What if my hearing isn't great?

We “listen” with more than just our ears. The beauty of InnaPeace is that the entrainment frequencies are sensed by the entire body, not just the ears!

If your hearing is impaired, you can play the tracks on open speakers, without headphones and receive the benefits because your entire body will actually begin to resonate with the entrainment frequencies.

People who suffer from Tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears) can also use InnaPeace.

Entrainment frequencies are so low as to not be “heard” by the ear, so the higher pitch of Tinnitus doesn’t affect the entrainment waves.

Since InnaPeace can be listened to with headphones or over open speakers, the entrainment happens in a whole-body way, as the entire body begins to resonate with the entrainment frequency.


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