What sets InnaPeace apart and why should I choose it?

Not all brainwave entrainment programs are created equal. Many rely on outdated technology, and others use soundtracks that may be more stimulating or annoying than intended. Others try to mix frequencies in one audio track, which pollutes the quality of the entrainment.

InnaPeace utilizes an innovative blend of three different brainwave entrainment technologies embedded in soothing, pleasant sounds of Nature.

The technology gives you the freedom of listening using headphones or over open speakers. Binaural beats are combined with monaural beats and isochronic tones to give you the advantage of full-body listening and a more powerful neural response than binaural beats alone. You don’t just listen with your ears. Your entire body responds to vibrations, whether your ears can pick up on them or not.

Binaural beats can only be listened to through headphones; but both monaurals and isochronics can be felt and “heard” by the entire body. Most recent research concludes that monaurals and isochronics are also more effective at entraining the brain than binaurals.

The InnaPeace main tracks offer far more time spent in pure entrainment than the competition.

The entrainment frequencies are absolutely pure on each track. Many competing products mistakenly believe that “more frequencies are better” and in looking for multiple effects, they mix frequencies and end up with chaotic, random waves that are difficult or impossible to entrain to.

InnaPeace tracks use only one pure frequency on each track, producing a universal wave clarity the brain quickly and effortlessly entrains with.

The bonus tracks and amazing support materials will enhance your meditation experience, improve your life, accelerate your personal growth, and give you the benefits of InnaPeace outside of meditation.

InnaPeace delivers results. You achieve a deep state of meditation fast, effortlessly and pleasantly. Once you’re in the meditative state, you can freely explore the many aspects of your mind, and gain mastery over it.

This is how personal growth is accelerated through the use of technology. Our comprehensive supporting materials serve as a valuable guidance system for your growth; and our support coaches are there for you, every step of the way!

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to improve their lives. It is with this philosophy in mind that we have created an in-depth, leading-edge personal growth program that is both affordable and an amazing value.

We are dedicated to your success! We believe it’s not necessary to spend many thousands of dollars and wait many years to see measurable results, when we can offer profound results with our carefully designed program, in a short time, and at an affordable cost!

With each deeper stage of the program, your brain is challenged and worked so that it evolves to its peak potential.

The program is designed to create progress in a healthy and enjoyable way, with each step building on the previous. Ultimately, the program creates a solid foundation of self-mastery that will take your goals from daydream to reality.


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