Does InnaPeace use subliminal affirmations?

No. We take a different approach: we encourage you to take full control of your daily meditation, meaning that some days naturally lend themselves to absolute silence; others to silently repeating affirmations or mantras; some days are better spent visualizing or problem-solving; others are perfect for introspection, for radiating loving energy, and others for “blissing out” or listening to intuitive guidance.

With you in control, we feel it’s best that you also control when you use affirmations to further your personal growth.

We encourage the use of journaling as part of the program (using our convenient online journal, if you like, which comes with tips, recommended guidelines and powerful thought-provoking exercises and more).

In your journal, you can start the day’s entry with a written affirmation. There is immense power in the written word!

When you write in your journal, you are writing about yourself, and you are writing to yourself. You are your greatest teacher; so use the journaling tool to write your affirmations and goals down daily.

If you want to repeat affirmations as a mantra to get into meditation, that is also effective. Explore the online journal section of the website to make the most of this important tool!


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