Can I do other things while I listen?

If something requires your attention, the answer is no.

Walking or yoga are fine since they are both meditative activities anyway, but avoid any activity that causes your brain to stay in the Beta state - don’t work, use the computer, talk or read. Your brain will not entrain to the desired frequency if it’s busy.


Please DO NOT drive or operate machinery while you are using the program.

Some of the bonus tracks are meant to be listened to while working, studying, creating or relaxing; but save the main tracks for a dedicated meditation practice where your brain is allowed to relax into the program without constantly being pulled away.

This way you’ll reap the greatest benefits in the shortest amount of time possible!


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    Noni Gonzales

    Which tracks would be good to listen to in the background while working?

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    dalton damm

    im curious of that myself


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    Mary Lyon

    useful to know what tracks suit other activities.....

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    Stia - Support Coach


    our bonus tracks are meant as background music to enrich your InnaPeace experience. 

    The Schumann Resonance tracks are perfect anytime you are working at the computer or in the vicinity of electronics, to help counteract the negative effects of harmful EMF emissions. You can really never get ‘too much’ of the Earth’s natural 7.83Hz resonance, as it enhances the sense of well-being and calm, too, so it’s the perfect track to listen to when you are stressed and can’t meditate.

    Instant Creativity and Effortless Learning are very useful while you are studying, working, reading, enjoying a hobby, cleaning the house, or as ambient sounds to create a soothing atmosphere. These tracks are designed to be calming and uplifting, and to help you focus, be more creative in your life and learn easier.

    I hope this helps, please feel fee to reply to customer support with any other questions, I will be glad to assist.


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