Do I need headphones?

You don’t need headphones.

The technology is effective over open speakers or through headphones. For maximum benefits and the best experience, we recommend that you alternate listening with and without headphones.

Listening with headphones will help you tune out external distractions better, while listening over open speakers will give you the freedom to meditate anywhere you wish.

If you do use headphones, we recommend quality headphones that don’t distort the audio and fit comfortably.

Some people prefer over-the-ear headphones while others like earbuds.

Headphones need not be expensive as long as they offer good audio quality and comfort, they are fine. But remember, headphones are not required with InnaPeace; this is purely a personal choice!

It’s important to use audio equipment that does not have bass boosters or graphic equalizers, as this will make the tracks ineffective.


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