Brainwave entrainment isn't real meditation! Isn't this cheating?

No. Brainwave entrainment is not meditation - it is the tool used to push the brain into meditation.

Purists may argue that meditation should not require technology - and we agree!

You don’t need technology in order to meditate. It is a personal choice. The reality is that many people shy away from traditional meditation because it’s hard to do, and demands a hefty time commitment.

Even the Dalai Lama has said that if there were an easier way to achieve enlightenment, he would do it!

Most people want to experience growth by any means available. Although many experienced meditators prefer to sit in the lotus position and focus their attention on their breath, most meditators use some sort of assistance to get into meditation - some use music, other chant mantras or listen to guided meditation.

And others use brainwave entrainment. The technology takes away the pressure of possibly not being able to get into deep meditation, and it puts you into meditation consistently, so it delivers meaningful results in a fraction of the time.

The advanced meditation skills such as intense focus, a quiet mind and mental, physical and emotional mastery can all be developed once you’re in meditation. Brainwave entrainment just makes it easier to get to that state.

Eventually you’ll probably be able to meditate very quickly by putting yourself into the alpha or theta brainwave state on demand. But until then, technology will teach your brain to go there with no struggle or frustration on your part.

If an individual feels that technology somehow nullifies or cheapens their spiritual journey, they have the choice not to utilize it.

Ultimately, there is not one path to personal or spiritual growth or enlightenment and if using technology to help you along makes sense to you, then it is absolutely right for you.It’s the journey, not the car you drive...


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    Lucie Kerroux

    i might would like to cancwordel it because its to complcated to login, it keep saying that is wrong pass

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    Linda Kahega
    How do I cancel? Impossible to log in. On the few occasions that I could, it took 10-15 attempts
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    Stia - Support Coach


    if you want to cancel your subscription to our program, all you need to to is email customer support with your request and we will do that for you. 

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