When will I feel the effects?

Many users feel the effects almost immediately; most feel something within the first few days. That “something” can be a greater sense of calm focus throughout the day, mental clarity, creativity, inner peace and well-being.

You may feel nothing initially, but that is probably because you aren’t accustomed to being highly attuned and aware of what is going on inside you. With practice you will hone this skill. Awareness will supercharge your physical and non-physical senses and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Our online journal is a wonderful place to securely and privately chronicle your perceptions and experiences.

As you re-read your journal entries at a later date, you will be astounded at the insights and breakthroughs you’ve made and the awakening you’re undergoing.

You may, or may not, notice a gradual improvement in your overall sense of well-being and happiness.

Some people report waking up one day realizing they’ve been flat-out happy for a long time. Others experience moments of exuberance and joy that become more and more frequent.


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