What if I need to proceed slower than the recommended time line?

There is no “should” with InnaPeace.

Although the program is designed to progress in a way that gives your brain ample time to accustom itself to a particular entrainment level - and gives you time to experience the resulting growth - some InnaPeace members prefer to go at a slower pace. If this works for you, that’s just fine!

If you follow your own time line, you’ll know when it’s time to move up to the next level when you become very comfortable with the track and you’re feeling that it has lost its effectiveness. It hasn’t lost its effectiveness, but your brain has evolved. Your brain can be exercised, just like your muscles.

When you exercise your muscles, you feel the effects in the beginning; but as they strengthen, the workload becomes easier until it feels almost too easy; at that point, you’re ready to move up. When your brain has gotten used to a particular entrainment level, you will naturally want to progress to a deeper level.


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