What is the biggest benefit of meditation?

Stress reduction (and eventually elimination) is the reason most people turn to meditation.

However, it is an ancient self-mastery discipline first and foremost, and it is through self-mastery that stress will automatically dissipate. The ability to remain calm, to operate as the eye of the storm instead of being blown about by life’s events, is essential to your ability to achieve your goals and live a happy life.

For many people, meditation is an integral part of their spiritual lives; and no matter your religious or spiritual persuasion (if any), meditation can help balance your life, give you a way to see the world with “new eyes” and create a heightened sense of one-ness with all that is.

For some, the journey toward enlightenment is paramount.

Many people go through life completely unaware, or unconscious, of their energetic nature or to the fact that their lives are dictated by their past conditioning - and that they have the ability to change that programming.

Whatever meditation means to you, is absolutely correct for you. Just as there is not one path in life that we all follow, there is not one path to achieving what you desire out of life.

We can’t stress enough the importance of meditating in a way that is meaningful to YOU. That is why our guiding principle is that “there is no ‘should’ in the InnaPeace program” (except that we insist you do not drive or do anything that requires your full attention, while listening!).


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