What is whole-brain thinking?

One of the most wonderful benefits of InnaPeace is the synchronization that will take place between the brain’s hemispheres, as well as the improved communication between the two.

Both brain hemispheres entrain to the audio stimulus, and thus begin working together seamlessly. The greatest advances in human technological innovation have come about as a result of whole-brain thinking.

Whole-brain thinking lets you see the world through the “eyes” of the whole brain and not just the typical left-brain way which is dependent on the physical senses, logic, time and space.

When you incorporate right-brain thinking, you become able to think outside the box, to approach complex problems with an attitude of infinite possibility rather than limitations.

The greatest thinkers in human history used their whole brain. Where logic said humans could never take to the skies, out-of-the-box thinking said, “we can fly.” Where the senses say objects are solid, whole-brain thinking says everything is energy.

Both of these required thinking that was not bound by the “obvious.”

In contrast to the more common “seeing is believing”, whole-brain thinking can be summarized as “believing is seeing.” When you integrate the “out there” ideas of the right-brain with the logic of the left-brain, you have genius thinking.


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