What if I fall asleep?

That’s perfectly fine!

Many people don’t get adequate or quality sleep as a result of high stress levels. Often, chronic stress becomes so “normal” that it goes unnoticed; poor sleep patterns and compromised health are two sure signs of chronic stress. If that is familiar to you, your stress level is high, and you’ve just become used to it.

When you listen to InnaPeace, you are (finally!) able to relax completely, and may fall asleep. Your body needs this, and your brain does too, so enjoy the much-needed deep rest.

Over time, as the stress begins to dissipate from your system, you will sleep more soundly at night, and be more alert and energized during the day.

If it’s important for you to experience the mediation while awake (so that you can monitor your thoughts, visualize or do other personal growth exercises), meditate according to your biorhythms: choose a time to meditate when you naturally have high energy.


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