I've heard that brainwave entrainment doesn't work as an MP3. Is this true?

No. The InnaPeace technology is perfectly effective in an MP3 format.

Many lesser-quality 128 kbs MP3s are formatted with fairly high “compression”, which is not compression at all but “trimming” of the high and low tones to decrease the file size.

This is not the case with InnaPeace, which uses only better-than-CD-quality 320kbs, allowing for the complete range of tones.

This is the reason the demo track is less powerful than the main program tracks.

We chose to offer the InnaPeace program in the 320kbs MP3 format for ease of use, portability and exceptional sound quality, and to pass on significant cost savings to you.


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    Mark Smith

    why would there be a cost savings if they way you do it is higher quality?

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    James David Childers

    While it's true that 320,000 samples per second is a larger number than 44,100 samples per second, the most important aspect of an audio recording's quality is bit depth. A person can compare these concepts to monitor frequencies. Samples per second could be compared to a monitor's refresh rate. Bit depth can be compared to resolution.

    It's good to avoid flicker on your monitor because that can lead to eye strain. But to pack as much information on your display as possible, you will want a higher resolution monitor.

    Similarly with audio recordings, to avoid distractions to the audio processing section of the brain, you want to have a high sampling (and therefore playback) rate. You also want a higher resolution (bit depth) to the recording so that the greatest range of frequencies are accurately reproduced.

    A lower sampling frequency with a higher bit rate can provide more dynamic range and a richer sound than using a higher sampling frequency with a lower bit rate.

    That being said, is there a CD quality (16 bit sampling)version of the files available?
    (Or even better a DVD audio quality version which is sampled at 24 bits?)

    Thank you very much!

    /David C.

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    James David Childers

    @Mark Smith

    Using a compressed format such as mp3 provides for more efficient transfer of files and lower storage needs on the IT infrastructure.

    That's where the cost savings come into play.

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