Can InnaPeace help me manifest the life I desire?

Yes, it can! Your circumstances and your life experience are products of your way of thinking - specifically, your past conditioning (or programming).

Your beliefs cause you to think a certain way; this in turn causes you to act a certain way; and you will experience very predictable results.

So if you look around at what you’ve created so far - mostly unconsciously - you can see that if you’re unhappy with your circumstances, you need to change some underlying beliefs.

This is nothing new. For thousands of years, the great spiritual teachers have taught about the power of thoughts: “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.” - the Buddha; and the ability to change those thoughts in order to change your reality: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” - Lao Tzu.

If your daily train of thought centers on worry, fear, regret, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and other negative energies, you will unconsciously attract more of the same, and unconsciously create more of the same, too.

The quickest way to make meaningful positive change is to master the mind and change those thoughts to thoughts that serve you instead of hold you back.

Once you develop the ability to master your mind and create new beliefs - through meditation, awareness and consistent practice - you will have the ability to create your life experience on your own terms.

InnaPeace accelerates this process of self-mastery, both with the technology and our wealth of supporting materials. Imagine the results in your health, wealth, relationships, career and your greatest dreams!


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    Michael Brown

    Hi all!

    I'm new to InnaPeace, as in today is the last day of my 30 day trial and I'm waiting on level 2 to unlock so I can continue;). When I read this post, the first thing that came to mind was the Law of Attraction theory and how it falls in line with the InnaPeace program perfectly. I have studied a bit on the LOA and have had a degree of success with it... My thought thus far (30 days) into InnaPeace are as follows--I have been experiencing some absolutely life changing things over the last couple months, before I started InnaPeace I had been looking into the LOA and reading books such as Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, The Secret (and the others in the series), along with books on mindful meditation, zen Buddhism, and other self help type books in order to improve my life through changing my thoughts and thinking processes... Reading those kinds of books and starting to incorporate some of the practices did begin to change my perspective and help me to realize some of the untapped potential of how using my mind in the right ways could positively improve my outcomes in life--putting out the right vibrations in order to receive positive changes in alignment with the frequency I emit.

    I found InnaPeace, I believe, as a result of putting out the frequency of being ready and open to real and meaningful positive changes. I had researched these types of topics many, many times in the past and never heard of brainwave entrainment, much less of the Brainwave Research Institue... What's more, at the time I came across this program I wasn't really actively searching for this type of resource at all... I tried the 7 minute sample figuring it was going to basically be another binaural beats sound compilation like the ones you can find on youtube for free all the time. I did not expect to be impressed or moved to sign up, I was just gonna do the 7 minute sample and go on about my business. I found that after the 7 minute sample, it would be foolish of me not to dig deeper into what was being offered here! It wasn't that the 7 minute sample miraculously changed my life and transformed me into a master of my mind or provided some kind of mystical, spiritual experience but it was an undeniable fact that I was able to realize that if a 7 minute sample had provided me with an actual identifiable level of quality meditation, what would the whole 30 minute level 1 track be capable of??? I was stunned and signed up for the program immediately...

    Here I am 30 days later, and I have to say to you that I do not live my life with the same issues and thought processes I was carrying around 30 days ago, period. I am a genuinely happier person, I laugh all the time--I see humor where I wouldn't have before, family members have commented on this to me. I have a much more positive outlook on everything, I handle negativity much more easily, I find that I process thoughts and feelings much more objectively from an outside -in perspective, I make better judgments in my decision making, I am way better at controlling my emotions that before would have carried me off into some level of rumination in a lot of cases... I find that I do recognize myself in others and have been scratching the surface already of feeling an inherent unity with everyone and everything I encounter on a daily basis, I feel like I am honestly building an awareness of the Truth--if that makes any sense...

    Again, I am only 30 days into this program... I am happy, I am surprised (pleasantly), I am amazed, I have become compelled to tell everyone I know about this program because of the positive effects it has already had on virtually every aspect of my life! This probably sounds like I'm affiliated with the company in some way--I am not. I'm a customer... A customer that feels like finding this program has been one of the best finds of my life to be honest. I just want to say thank you to all of the people who have put in the time, resources, energy, and dedication to put something like this together. Thank you!

    There is so much I could say! I could sit here and literally write all day long about this program, the effects it has already had in my life, how it ties together with everything else I've been learning about and incorporating into my life and success plan, but I am going to stop short of that because I have a couple questions...

    1. What comes after this 8 month program? I read somewhere that a person may choose to continue their growth and InnaPeace experience beyond what is offered in this particular program... To that, my first response is: You have to be joking, right? It honestly boggles my mind to even consider the possibility that I can progress like I am now for 8 continuous months... And then go beyond??? I can't fathom what these 8 levels are going to bring about in my life, let alone anything beyond.

    2. Is there any way I can somehow get further involved in what you guys are doing as far as spreading the word, putting out advertisements for your company, doing something--anything at all to help further what it is you're bringing to the world? This is life changing and I truly want this for everyone. People everywhere need this, whether they know it or not... Quite literally I believe this can be life changing, even life saving for everyone and has the potential to change the world! I don't know how else to say it...

    Contact me, I would love to just talk to you about the program and how incredible I feel about it. I simply can't say thank you enough.

    Michael S. Brown 

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    Gustave Robert Ozag

    Your comment is remarkable to me because it gives words to exactly what I have been experiencing these past few weeks since starting on the InnaPeace program. There is real quality and value to this program for anyone who meditates regardless of prior experience and practice. I began meditating decades ago and have spent years refining my practice. I wish InnaPeace had been available at the start of my journey since it allows one to make a quantum leap to higher levels of consciousness pretty much on the spot!! 

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