Are my headphone frequency settings suitable?

The normal frequency range of headphones is about 20Hz/20,000Hz. These are perfectly suitable for use with your InnaPeace tracks and you will gain all the benefits advertised with a set of headphones with these ranges.

Here is a little extra information:

The human ear can detect sounds and recognize them as audible tones as low as 20Hz and as high as 20,000Hz. 

You hear InnaPeace entrainment waves as pulsations rather than as actual tones with recognizable pitch precisely because for the most part they fall below the 20Hz human hearing threshold. i.e. Schumann tracks are 7.83Hz.

Isochronic tones are not musical tones at all, they are pulses of volume going on and off and therefore have nothing to do with pitch.  

Similarly, binaural beats are not created by the headphones, they are interference pattern between two carrier frequencies (both of which ARE high enough for standard headphones to reproduce them) created by the brain "inside" a person's head, hence they are not affected by frequency response of headphones.  

Monaural tones are also created as as an interference pattern unaffected by headphone frequency response, but are created individually inside each ear rather than just one time between both ears.

These are the 3 types of entrainment technology utilized within your InnaPeace tracks so using a set of headphones which fall within the 20Hz/20,000Hz range will work perfectly fine.


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    Mark Smith

    I guess I am a little slow on this one. If the Schumann tracks are 7.83 Hz and the headphones only reproduce sound down to 20Hz how can we get the benefit of them? Even if the human ear can't hear them I can understand how if they are being delivered to the ear the brain can pick them up but if they are not being delivered because the headphones are not equipped to do so then how can the brain pick them up?

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    Mike (Support Team)

    Hi Mark,

    The InnaPeace audio technology creates lower frequencies inside your head by combining tones of higher frequencies. Binaural beats are created in your olivary nucleus (on top of your brainstem on both sides) by giving tones with slightly different frequencies to each ear.  A binaural beat is a sound that is realized inside the head. It is the result of two stable tones, which differ slightly in frequency, when presented simultaneously one in each ear. Of course this can be done only with headphones. With Binaural beats, an internal audio stimulus can be created at any frequency defeating the human ear’s limitation.

    Isochronic tones are created by pulses of tones at audible frequencies, which are switched on or off (or from one frequency to another) at an interval that corresponds to the desired frequency.

    The reason why we state the frequency range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz is because this is what the human ear can hear. This is where Binaural Beats and Monaural and Isochronic tones come in. Because InnaPeace incorporates the other two audio technologies, this means that open speakers can be used as you know. The InnaPeace audio entrainment technology uses much higher tones (these tones are up in the hundreds) leaving your brain to make up the actual frequency being targeted. Again, the sound processing of your own brain assembles these into a steady wave at the target frequency.

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    Pankaj Kejriwal

    Can we use Ear Phone...Does it work similar to Head phone..

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    Mike (Support Team)

    Hello Pankaj,

    Yes, many clients use ear buds and have great results with InnaPeace. We recommend pilot style over ear headphones for comfort and natural noise cancellation for the best experience.

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